Der Name Gottes
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A documentary from Fritz Poppenberg
60 minutes, stereo, multilanguage

Languages:   Deutsch, English, Español
Subtitles:   français, dansk, português, italiano, polski, Pyccкий, Türk, Čeština

The unique name of God, YHWH, appears over more than 6000 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. And there is little doubt that we should "sanctify" this name, just as the "Lord's Prayer" teaches. However, millions of Jews and Christians do not even know the divine name. They address their prayers to a Lord, whereby it often seems unclear which Lord is meant - the "Lord" Jesus or "Lord" God.

More importantly, the title "Lord" carries a disconcerting connotation once you know that "Lord" is rendered "Baal" in the ancient languages of Babylon !

This documentary film examines whether the concealment of God's name is actually in harmony with the original scriptures - and furthermore, whether the correct pronunciation of YHWH can be found again.

Academic and scientific support:
Rolf Furuli, Norway
Gérard Gertoux, France


This film was funded by LLRFF - Laura and Lorenz Reibling Family Foundation

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